Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a restoration that fits over an existing tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and appearance of a natural tooth. It is sometimes known as a ‘cap’.

A bridge is a false tooth or teeth supported by one or more of the adjacent teeth. It is fixed permanently into position. Depending on the position and loading of the bridge, the supporting tooth or teeth may only need minimal work, or may need preparing as for a crown.

Crowns are often needed to provide adequate strength and aesthetics for heavily filled teeth, or to improve the appearance of the teeth by changing the shape or colour of the teeth.

Traditional metal bonded crowns and bridges have an underlying layer of metal which can leave an unsightly grey line at the gum margin. The opacity of the porcelain needed to mask this metal often results in a dull and lifeless-looking restoration.

All-ceramic crowns and bridges provide the ultimate aesthetic solution. These metal-free crowns and bridges can have a translucency which mimics that of natural teeth. Their good biocompatibility can eliminate irritation at the gum margin resulting in a healthy looking smile.

At Crescent Dental Care we offer a wide range of treatment options and products to provide you with life like restorations no matter what you need.

Our pressed ceramic ‘e.max’ crowns and bridges offer particularly natural looking teeth for a single crown or bridge or a complete smile makeover.

For crowns and bridges under heavy loading, the latest in computer scanned and milled porcelain substructures offer incredible strength, with the cosmetic advantage of an all ceramic restoration, along with an unprecedented level of accuracy and closeness of fit.

For more complex and challenging cases, our skilled ceramic technicians will often meet the patient to discuss their requirements and carefully record the ideal shape and shade of restoration.