Dental Hygiene

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

This embarrassing problem can strike anyone of us at any time and can be very distressing. Temporary halitosis is often caused by strong odours from foods such as onions, garlic or those that are highly spiced but more long lasting bad breath could be caused by other factors.

The most common of these are from bacteria harbouring in the mouth, usually in the spaces between teeth where sometimes access can be difficult with a toothbrush.

At Crescent Dental Care, you will find we offer a sympathetic and supportive approach to addressing this condition. You will be offered a full mouth health screen to identify the likely cause, you will be recommended beneficial treatments such as scaling and polishing and given appropriate advice on long term control.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is often something our patients ask us about. Many are aware that staining of teeth can be caused by smoking but many are unaware of the effect that smoking may have on gum/oral health.

Unfortunately, smoking can increase the severity and/or mask the signs and symptoms of gum disease and as a result, reduce the likelihood of successful treatment.

At Crescent Dental Care, we strive to give our patients the best chance of successful treatment and can offer smoking cessation support to those who would like to stop. We understand that this decision is ultimately the patient’s and we aim to offer support before and during the process. All the clinical staff at Crescent Dental Care have an understanding of the challenges a smoker faces when contemplating smoking cessation and also the benefits that this has on oral health.