Endodontic (Root Canal)

The term endodontics describes the area of dentistry which concentrates exclusively on root canal treatment. Whilst a general dentist can carry out root canal treatment, provided they have the necessary skills and experience to do so, many of them opt to refer their patients who require this treatment to a Specialist or a dentist whose clinical treatment is restricted to this meticulous and often complex treatment.

All teeth have several canals, some more than others depending on the type of tooth. The canals contain nerves which can sometimes become infected and extremely painful. The root canal treatment carefully cleanses the canal and fills it to prevent it from becoming infected again.

Most teeth that have received this treatment will require crowning following treatment to help protect the remaining tooth tissue. The Endodontist will have a range of specialist equipment at his disposal such as microscopes and dental loupes (magnification and lights) to help him locate and fill the infected canal. The treatment is an extremely precise procedure that requires a great deal of skill.