Smile Makeover

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth regardless of age and are often under the impression that they cannot be improved upon. Mis-shapen, crooked, worn, discoloured or stained teeth can make people very self-conscious of their smile and also can lead to reduced or lack of confidence.

At Crescent Dental Care we are experienced in creating the perfect smile. It is possible to transform your smile in as little as three weeks. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, we will establish your requirements, the kind of smile you would like to acheive and assess your dental health, facial proportions, lip line, tooth size, shape, alignment and colour.

As each patient is unique, your smile is tailored to suit you and your particular features. Photographs and models of your teeth allow our dental laboratory to provide a ‘mock-up’ of your teeth for your approval. Their skilled ceramist technicians can then help to craft your perfect smile, one to be proud of!!

A variety of highly effective techniques can be used to create your new smile:

Tooth whitening to lighten the shade of your teeth, the replacement of unsightly silver amalgam fillings with more aesthetic tooth-coloured restorations, beautiful porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns to improve the colour, shape and alignment of teeth.

Our in-house Specialists enable us to work closely together and if needed provide orthodontic treatment and dental implants to achieve the perfect result.

The increased confidence provided with your new appearance can give you a real reason to smile!