Tooth Coloured Fillings

As well as being functional, fillings can also be aesthetic. Older silver amalgam fillings contain a mixture of mercury with silver, tin and copper. They do not bond to the tooth. With time, the silver colour can darken, sometimes showing through the side of the tooth, giving a grey appearance when smiling. Many patients prefer to avoid silver amalgam fillings because of this.

At Crescent Dental Care, we are able to provide a strong and aesthetic alternative to silver amalgam. Our tooth-coloured bonded composite fillings come in a wide range of shades and opacities which we can blend to give a close match to the shade of the natural tooth, avoiding any visible greyness. As the filling is strongly bonded to the tooth it can offer support to the remaining tooth, reducing the chance of cracks or fractures.

Larger fillings can be restored with an inlay: a lab-made, tooth-coloured restoration which bonds into the tooth cavity and can offer superior strength, contour and aesthetics. With a choice of ‘Gradia’ composite inlays and ‘e-max’ pressed ceramic inlays, we can select the ideal restoration for any situation.