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Teeth Whitening in Hale

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Do you have a wedding or holiday coming up where you want to be looking your best for those all-important photographs, or would just simply like a newer, cleaner, whiter shade?

Tooth whitening is an easy way to achieve a great improvement in the appearance of your teeth, resulting in a fresher, younger and brighter smile. It is a safe procedure when carried out under the supervision of a qualified dentist.

Here is how teeth whitening works:
  1. You will be assessed for the type of staining your teeth have.
  2. A custom tray is made to fit snugly over your teeth.
  3. The teeth whitening process is activated by a bleaching agent, which is inserted into the custom tray that transfers it onto your teeth.
Home whitening

You will be provided with custom made whitening trays designed to perfectly fit your teeth.

A choice of whitening gel can then be provided to wear either overnight or for a couple of hours during the day/evening. Over a period of days you will notice the teeth becoming whiter.

The home whitening system allows you to control the level of whitening, so that you can achieve your desired shade. The custom-made trays allow you to easily boost the whitening in the future with top up syringes of gel.

Please enquire at the Practice for further details

What about in-surgery Whitening?

We all have busy lives and in-surgery whitening allows you to get the great results of tooth whitening in one visit to the dental surgery.

A more powerful in- surgery whitening gel is placed in custom made trays

These are then inserted in the mouth and onto the teeth.

You will be able to take these custom made whitening trays home, allowing you to top up and maintain your new brighter smile!

We are also the only local Practice accredited, trained and able to offer the ENLIGHTEN tooth whitening system - the only system guaranteed to whiten teeth to a VITA B1 (the lightest shade on the standard dental shade guide).

Please feel free to contact the Practice to arrange a consultation and find out which whitening system best suits your needs.


At Crescent Dental Care, we use the Enlighten whitening system which combines home and in surgery whitening.

Enlighten is a 2 week treatment (for 95% of patients) and is the only system that guarantees a B1 shade for 98% of cases. Patients are given a treatment kit to take home and apply for 2 weeks every night, followed by a final visit to the dentist at the end of that period.

Common questions about Enlighten whitening:
1. Do I have to go to a dentist for this?

Professional whitening systems have to be done under the supervision of a dentist in the UK.

UK law prohibits the selling of professional teeth whitening gels directly to the general public because they can only be provided under the supervision of a dentist.

2. How long does it take?

15 days in most cases.

But if you have a complex case then it can take up to 8 weeks. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate expectation during your initial appointment.

3. How white will my teeth go?

98% of cases reach shade B1 and some even go beyond. This is regardless of your age, diet and current teeth shade. A lot of patients go beyond B1, but we can’t guarantee that.

4. What is a ‘saturation point’ and what does it mean?

It’s basically the point at which your teeth can’t go any whiter. It varies from person to person and can’t be pinned down to a single shade.

5. Will my crowns / veneers / composite fillings change colour?

They won’t, sadly. Only your natural tooth changes colour. This is why we usually recommend that you have your teeth whitened before having any fillings, crowns or veneers placed or replaced. That way we can match your new restorations to your newly whitened teeth.

6. Is it safe?

Completely. Unless you’re pregnant or a nursing mum, in that case we would advise you to wait.

7. Will it hurt?

Honest answer? There will be some sensitivity because of the nature of how teeth are whitened. But the Enlighten whitening gels are specifically formulated to ensure that this is a rare occurrence and many of our patients experience no sensitivity at all. Some do experience a little sensitivity and around 2% of our patients experience a more intense sensitivity. If you do happen to get any, it will go away once you stop the treatment.

8. Is it suitable for vegans?

Absolutely 100%

Life Benefits

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Are you worried about the cost of treatment?
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Crescent Dental Care £ Hale 0161 929 8111 Crescent Dental Care

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Crescent Dental Care £ Hale 0161 929 8111 Crescent Dental Care

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